About YWL

Wine…It’s the perfect accompaniment to a family barbeque, a great social lubricant and a cure to a stressful day, but most of all it is an unparalleled complement to a divine meal with great company and we cannot wait to share a drop or two with a group of young wine lovers.

At YWL we engage with boutique wine makers from iconic regions, to bring you cracking wines that are too good not to be shared.

We hunt down the best wines…and taste a few along the way.

We’ve spent time amongst the vines during vintage. The science and passion that goes into making wine is fascinating and inspiring. There is so much love, sweat and tears and incredible stories behind each sip of fermented grape juice and when the combination is right, the outcome is truly spectacular.

Chief Wine Lover

Holly Small

Wine is in my blood. It was always referred to by my wonderful mother, a wine lover from way back, as ‘mummy’s vitamins’. I grew up on a medicine glass of red. The purple teeth and the devils peaks are synonymous with a great night for me and if you catch me drifting off mid-conversation, it’s not due to boredom (unless you really are boring) but more likely it’s because I am savouring the joy from a sip of a fabulous wine.

I love a big, juicy, gutsy Barossa red and I am devoted to expanding my taste buds and have spent hours…for the sake of our loyal followers… trying whites, reds, tawneys and the odd rose from iconic regions. I can’t wait to share a bottle…or 4…with you.